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A hundred days of sorrow

Ibland blir saker och ting återkommande och återaktuella.
Och det jävligaste är nog när det slår tillbaka på en. Något man kanske skrev i dedikation till någon annan kommer helt plötsligt att slå tillbaka på en och nu blir den dedikerad förstkommande.

Think of all the things you wish you would’ve said.
All the thoughts, running through your head.
Think of all the things you wish you would’ve done.
Had you the courage, imagine all the fun.

Remember through your life how you’ve loved and lost.
You gave it all your passion, regardless of the cost.
Indeed it was a lesson, very well learnt.
The wisdom you gained, was more than earnt

One day in a daydream, you’ll think of all your regrets.
And you’ll wonder to yourself, if better it gets?
Did you really give it your one last shot?
Did you try your hardest – did you try a lot?

Did time really quickly pass you by, is it just too  late?
Or are some things simply brushed off as fate?
See, every now and then everyone of us do change.
We take another road and our lives we rearrange

It’s never too late to follow your heart’s desire!
In the end you know, it will take you higher.
It’s never too late to speak your mind,
Who knows, it might just be your happiness your find.

© Madeleine Ekenstéen

2009 års livsläxa:
If you are patient in one moment of anger,
you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

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