Here, my love, open wide…

Ibland är jag kreativ..

Here, my love, open wide. I’ll feed you a mouthful of lies!
I swear to you, I’m unique and not like other guys!
I promise you – my love for you is genuine and true
This I’ve said only to you.. you.. and you.

Back and forth, upside down, than back again
I surely must be addicted to women as I was cocain
I can not seem to make up my mind nor heart
But since I am playing all of you, I must be smart

Here, my love, open wide. I’ll feed you a mouthful of deceit
Since I made no commitment, atleast I do not cheat
Why should I settle for just one when I can have more?
I’m just making sure I’ll never be alone anymore

And since they all fall for my sweet pillow talk, I must be good
If something fails – I’ll just say I’m misunderstood
One girl knows me well and saw right through me
But I’ll replace her, that i can guarantee

Here, my love, open wide. I’ll lead you too astray
Just eat my words and you too will be my prey & play
Cause other people are pawns in life, which for me is a game
I’m a nobody without someone, look what I became…

© missmaddis 09-03-22

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4 svar

  1. Micha skriver:

    ja va ska man säga…bra text mkt bra….detta gjorde du mkt bra :)

  2. MaddeMad skriver:

    Perfect *tihi*

    Skönt att bara kunna…. f_u

  3. Jenny skriver:

    Hey! Vad fin blogg du har! *wow* Allt bra idag? :) Kram Jenny

  4. skriver:

    Du har en utmaning att hämta hos mig ! *trosta*

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